Moving or Buying a New Home?

Potential Home Buyers

Looking for a  new home can be an exciting process. Keep in mind that though a house may be aesthetically pleasing, it may not show obvious signs of troublesome plumbing. Before purchasing  a new home, follow these tips to establish that your new place of residence is not only safe but won’t warrant future plumbing repairs.

  1. Check all plumbing features- flush toilets, run water from all sinks and showers, analyze pipes for leaks and even look inside cabinets for water damage.
  2. Taste the water- though most cities have good water, it is not a guarantee. Tasting the water takes little time and may help you to determine if the house may need a water filter system.
  3. Inspect for any moisture- Water damage isn’t always easy to detect by sight alone. press walls, tiles etc to check for water behind them specifically in areas around showers and bathtubs. Signs of dampness should be addressed immediately.
  4. Give the water heater a once over- check the age and size (see our Seasonal Tips if you need help determining age) of the water heater.

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