Seasonal Tips

Seasonal Tips~

FALL fall

While fall may signify the end of the relaxing summer months, it also hints to us that snow, specifically in Colorado, is not too far away. Taking a few extra steps can not only help you prepare for cooler weather but can potentially save you money and avoid costly repairs.

  • Though often overlooked, garden hoses can be a nasty culprit when it comes to leaks and in worst cases, bursting pipes. Remember to disconnect any hose(s) outside to prevent damage on the inside.
  • Check for leaking and/or dripping faucets outside as well, no matter how small a crack may seem- they have the potential
  • Remove any leaves or other debris from outside gutters to make way for easy drainage, it may be necessary to do this periodically especially as water freezes and thaws.
  • For maximum efficiency, check the thermostat on your water heater, the ideal temperature is 120 degrees F.


The winter months are an especially busy time given the presence of holidays which lend themselves to many more entertaining opportunities. Preparing your plumbing to be “winter ready” will ensure that you get to spend quality time with loved ones rather than quality time with your plumber. Kitchen sinks, showers, and toilet are utilized more around the holidays so make sure to be extra diligent about tending to your plumbing.

  • Though it may initially be convenient, resist the urge to dispose of fats, oils, stringy, pulpy or coarse waste down the drain. These are guaranteed to clog your drain and wreak havoc on your disposal.
  • Run the water for about 10 seconds BEFORE and AFTER putting anything down the drain.
  • Leave faucets on a slow drip and cabinets open during extreme cold to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting. If your water is running slowly and you suspect your pipes are frozen, call your plumber immediately.
  • Check to make sure your pipes are fitted with insulation and protected against extreme cold.


Spring is a time for rejuvenation and is often an appropriate time to do some much needed “Spring Cleaning” for a fresh start. Being proactive about maintaining your home’s plumbing needs is just as important in the Spring as any other season.

  • Do a quick but thorough check of all faucets for drips or leaks. A small drip/leak can lead to a bigger than expected water bill, so have repairs made immediately.
  • If your water heater is more than 15 years old, you may want to consider replacing it. To figure out the age of of your water heater look at the first 4 numbers of the serial number, these digits are indicative of the month and year it was made.
  • Flush all toilets in your home to ensure they are properly flushing. A proper flush should occur without holding down the handle for long periods of time and water should not be running.
  • Make sure all yard drains and outside gutters are unobstructed and clean.
  • During the winter months, critters love to call your place home- properly remove any bird nests from plumbing vent pipes.


Summer brings longer and much warmer days, BBQ’s  and plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors. This also means an increased usage of water hoses and showers. June through August are also popular times to rent and/or buy homes. If you are looking to move, remeber that negated plumbing issues can turn your dream home into a nightmare.

* For more info regarding plumbing and buying a home see our “Moving or Buying” tab in the Menu or click here.

  • Disposing of trash in the toilet may seem convenient but should avoided so provide an easily accessible trash can in all bathrooms. DO NOT flush the following down your toilet and when in doubt, don’t flush: sanitary products, paper towels, baby wipes, diapers, cotton balls and hair.
  • Check your water heater for rust- this is generally a sign that repair or replacement is needed.
  • Watch out for standing or any excess water in your yard. Not only does it make for a mess but can pose a health risk to you, your children and pets. Standing water is often associated with broken pipes and/or can also be that your sewer line needs to be replaced.



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